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Hiya, I'm Chris (he/him)

I'm a French Dane living in the USA who used to be a designer and who now likes to build on the web.

Chris's Random Fact-o-tron
  • Can read the Cyrillic alphabet… kinda.
  • His favourite movie is likely Back to the Future, though the dad is a creep.
  • Used to drink lots of tea, but now it's coffee!
  • Leans into his pareidolia to make life more fun.
  • Enjoys maths/physics YouTube videos despite not grasping everything.
  • Practiced skateboarding for a while, then decided playing Tony Hawk was safer.
  • Truly wishes to be a more outdoorsy person (help).
  • Runs a few times a week, but still far from marathon-ready.
  • Loves animals, please introduce your pet.
  • Sleeps on his side but wakes up on his back.
  • Loves learning but also helping — ask away about anything!
  • His favourite band of all time is Thrice, just ask for a recommendation!
  • Appreciates you reading through these facts.

But Why Websites?

I used the family computer growing up to mess around on MS Paint, and moved on to Photoshop (of course I had a licence key). Then I learned to edit MySpace pages, and eventually make entire sites (webmaster days!) before my first zit. I later studied graphic design for 4 years, then freelanced juggling between that, some motion design, and web development for neat clients for a few years. Turns out coding was my calling, which I've been focusing on since then. (I became a CSS nerd, whoops)

Side Projects

I've built a handful of tools like VisuBezier and SVGFM, and written for a couple of outlets like CSS-Tricks (RIP) and Smashing Magazine. I still do a fair bit of design, including making stickers/apparel (mostly webdev and gaming) to scratch that itch. I've also made a few typefaces, as I am a massive font nerd (when I was 9, I had a CD-ROM called "1001 Fonts" for crying out loud). I have various projects listed here, some professional, some personal, all totally very super cool. I also used to make electronica music as Chronoise but that's been a while… It is a very satisfying creative outlet (synthesizers!), which I highly recommend.


Chris­tone KN-92
Electronic Musical Instrument

Hold the Shift key to shift octaves

How I made this


While I'm not watching as many as in the past, I still indulge in a decent amount of movies and TV shows (I love a good quote). So much good stuff to watch, so little time! I appreciate video games, especially narrative and puzzle games, and I enjoy reading a lot when I'm not staring at a screen (e-ink doesn't count, right?), despite being a pretty slow reader. I also run, which is not something I'd ever have thought myself capable of doing, and yet…!

Curiosity is part of my DNA (alongside the bald gene!) and I treasure understanding how things work. Oh, and I love (dad) jokes, puns, and any kind of wordplay.


I find languages fascinating! I grew up in Lyon, France, born to Danish parents. Australia was my home for a year as a child, speaking English with a Down Under accent, and I even held a baby koala. So if I blurt a word in French, sorry, three languages just keep blending in that bald head of mine. I do know a decent amount of Italian but natives seem to prefer to answer me in English. I took Japanese in high school, but didn't apply myself (and instead learned to read the Cyrillic alphabet?), so I'm not good at it, but I'm "learning" again with DuoLingo (mostly vocabulary).

Skills, a.k.a. The Professional Section

I'm a "creative developer", a.k.a. "design engineer", meaning I can code and design, keeping an eye on details (including fonts!). HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (not React!) are my primary tools, but I don't shy away from PHP and MySQL (especially for WordPress projects). I use git to keep my projects neatly tracked, and like to write squeaky-clean code. I'm very comfortable with the Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects, and I've become good buds with Figma at this point.