Or "colophon", I suppose.

Site Stuff

This site is built with Eleventy, a fantastic static site generator. I pre-compile my Sass files to CSS, and minify my scripts. I then inline that to reduce HTTP requests, and this whole thing is hosted via Netlify. Also used: PurgeCSS, ImageOptim, GlyphHanger, SVGOMG

The theme picker is more than a little inspired by Max Böck's own, and the synth on the About page is based on Bret Cameron's tutorial, and extended with envelope shaping and lowpass filtering by peeking at Daniel Schulz's code.

You can check out the full source code on GitHub to see plugins and other packages used. I only ask that you don't steal my code and slap your own name on it.




Thanks for stopping by, friend, it is mighty kind of you! 👋

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