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Acknowledgements & Colophon

Technical #

This site is built with Eleventy, a fantastic static site generator. I used Dan Urbanowicz's boilerplate as a starting point.

Hosting is provided by Netlify, free of charge, since I don't generate much traffic… Still good to support these fine folks, though!

While I edit most of this on VS Code (with the shiny SynthWave '84 theme), I do run Netlify CMS for quick content edits (since I run Gulp to compile my Sass files in front of my 11ty build).

Aesthetics #

Thanks for all the designers who create '80s-infused visuals that fuelled my inspiration.

The font used for headings is the beautiful Marvin Visions Bold (free for personal use), that perfectly fit this site's aesthetic.

Many non-brand icons you see on this site were provided by the excellent ICONSVG. The rest is custom work I made in Illustrator, and cleaned up for SVG (likely using SVGOMG)!

People #

Thanks to my friend Youcef for giving me feedback every single time I asked him if a pixel looked out of place.

And thanks to my wife Ilona for dealing with me every time I said "One second, just fixing a thing on my website!", even though it took me half an hour.

I also thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it!