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This site wouldn't look nearly as good, or exist at all, if not for…

This site is built with Eleventy, a fantastic static site generator. I pre-compile my Sass files to CSS, and minify my scripts. I then inline that to reduce HTTP requests, and this whole thing is hosted via Netlify. Also used: PurgeCSS, ImageOptim, GlyphHanger, SVGOMG… Also see what I use on the daily here.

The theme picker is more than a little inspired by Max Böck's own, while the eclecticism is inspired by Sophie Koonin's site. The synth on the About page is based on Bret Cameron's tutorial, and extended with envelope shaping and lowpass filtering by peeking at Daniel Schulz's code.

More info about themes & fonts 🎨
  • Dusk: A neon-infused, retrowave-inspired theme which is basically my entire online personality. It uses the gorgeous Marvin Visions typeface.
  • Dawn: This very-off-white theme aims to be a light-mode version of Dusk, with enough changes to give it its own spin.
  • Vapor: A vaporwave interpretation of a theme which was a lot of fun to make, I'll thank Sophie Koonin here again for embracing this aesthetic! VCR OSD Mono was the obvious typeface choice.
  • Y2K: I grew up using Windows 98 and XP, so I kinda had to make this one as a little hommage. Don't miss out on the footer logo.
  • Neo-Tokyo: Retrowave is cool, but dystopian cyberpunk styles are cool too. This one is a little Akira-flavoured! The wide-as-heck headings are set in Syncopate.
  • Campfire: Opposite from the previous one, this takes heavy inspiration from the video game Firewatch and Olly Moss's beautiful artwork, and goes for a "national parks" vibe, with headings looking perfect in Hagona, and the shape of Mount Blanc in the homepage background, which is sometimes visible from my home town. The hero sections used most of Scott Kellum's code for generative topography. (oh and also, Alistair did all this better)

You can check out the full source code on GitHub to see plugins and other packages used. I only ask that you don't steal my code and slap your own name on it.

Thanks for stopping by, friend, it is mighty kind of you! 👋