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Runestone Futhark

A microapp to help learn how to read and spell in Norse Runes

When God of War (2018) came out, a game that draws from Norse mythology, I wrote down the Runes on a piece of paper to learn them, since I like different languages and writing systems. I did memorise them but ended up forgetting after a while.

When the sequel came in in 2022, that wish was renewed! I certainly wasn't going to learn by looking at a piece of paper, so I decided: why not make a little "app" similar to DuoLingo to learn each rune in an interactive way?

There's a good bunch of CSS and SVG to make this look a little rough and shiny, and JavaScript is used to ensure all of this is interactive! I know this is likely not something that'll interest a lot of people but I had a lot of fun making it. If you use it, let me know if it helped!

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