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State of CSS 2021

Making a logo and a t-shirt design celebrating CSS in a retro style

After seeing my WWW design series, Sacha Greif, maintainer of the State of CSS and JS surveys, reached out to me to design the logo and t-shirt design for the 2021 edition. It took a few weeks but we landed on a pretty solid design, if I do say so myself!

I also animated it for the survey landing page, because animations are fun! Click to restart the animation.

The State of Ass

When the survey was first opened, it had been pointed out to us that the logo didn't necessarily read as "CSS"… and while Sacha and I had seen it, we thought "No way anyone will read this as anything but CSS, right?".

We were wrong. So I adjusted the logo, but for your entertainment, here is the logo for… State of Ass:

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