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What am I doing these days?


Cincinnati (OH, USA) After some years in NYC and one in Dayton, I’m now a Cincinnati transplant! Go sportsball team! 🐅



Running (21K) I ran my first half-marathon in May 2024. Not sure I have what it takes for a full one, but what an experience!


Taskmaster (Season 13) This show is absolutely bonkers and that’s why it is so fun to watch. Started at season 7, slowly getting caught up!

Better Call Saul (Season 3) After rewatching Breaking Bad, some more Saul Goodman and friends is a treat. Really liking this, despite also witnessing Saul’s sad transformation into the “criminal” lawyer from BB. Not always “fun” but always interesting!


Early Riser (Jasper Fforde) In a world where humans hibernate over Winter… that’s it, that’s all I know. Supposed to be a cheeky read, halfway in and I really love the world building!


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (PS5) The adventure continues! I’m a fan of the original, enjoyed the remake… eager to see where this goes.