What am I doing these days?


Cincinnati (OH, USA)
Following 4 years in NYC, and 1 in Dayton, OH, I am now in Cincinnati. I wish I were closer to hiking areas to see a bit more nature, but maybe that'll be for the next move…!


L'Anomalie (Hervé Le Tellier)
A friend recommended this award-winning book, an after my Secret Santa at work got it for me — thanks! —, I've been reading it little by little (in French!). So far, pretty happy with how it's going!


GTA: Vice City (PS5)
I saw sale after sale on the GTA Trilogy — Definitive Edition, and despite many reports of it being pretty broken, nostalgia got the best of me. I beat GTA3 and I am now onto reliving the '80s in Vice City. Definitely a defining game for me and my love of retro aesthetics!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 7)
I stopped in the middle of season 6 some time in 2018, and I've elected to finally watch the rest of it. A couple of episodes here and there is a perfect non-rhythm for me to enjoy!


The Dark Pool (Thornhill)
I stumbled upon this band via YouTube and have been a little obsessed since. The track named "Lily & the Moon" is probably my favourite of the album.

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