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A collection of generators built on CodePen

Over the years, I've build a few "generators" on CodePen that usually rely on randomness. Here are a few of my favourites:

Noisy Risograph Gradient Celestial Body

A mouthful of a title but basically a grainy gradient that kinda looks like a planet, ish? Grainy gradients are a prominent thing with risograph printing, and since it's something I really enjoy to look at, I wanted to try my hand at creating that with code! In this pen, every click of the button will generate a new, random grainy gradient. This canvas-based one is my "official" version, but I also made a pure SVG one (which is less controllable), and a Houdini (CSS Paint API) version but that has low browser support.

Liam Neeson Movie Poster Generator

Liam Neeson is a gem. He's a great actor and has gravitas. He's also played in a lot of movies relatively recently that have a similar "vibe", following the "Taken" movie formula. As such, it got me thinking, could we predict his next movie using this generator?

I grabbed a handful of photos of him, created a bunch of fake titles and taglines (in two parts), and some results are very believable, while others are just plain hilarious (at least to me!). Have fun!

Tycho Art Generator

Tycho is an electronic music artist who makes very soothing tracks. But another name is ISO50, the graphic designer side of Scott Hansen. He makes his own art for his album covers and tour posters, and you can distill some of that essence into a basic idea of a triangle and/or a circle with a few vibrant colour palettes. So I figured, why not create a generator that spits out Tycho art? It's nowhere near as sophisticated as the real thing, but once in a while, it comes pretty close!

Oh and pretty cool thing: Tycho himself retweeted my generator!

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