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State of JS 2021

Making a logo and a t-shirt design celebrating JS in a retro style

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Following a pretty successful collaboration on the CSS shirt, Sacha asked me once more if I'd be up to design a VHS-styled logo and shirt, but for the State of JS this time around. This one was a little more tricky to nail down as balancing "simple" with "massive ecosystem" is a tall order.

We went through quite a few iterations, especially for the background shape that ended up being this tesseract-looking thing with multiple light sources.

Just like the CSS design, I animated this one for extra fun. Click to restart the animation.

See the Pen

I was also quite happy with this detail for the t-shirt, coming up with a symbol for optional chaining, which in JavaScript, lets you access a sub-property if it exists with the syntax prop?.subprop.

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